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Our product line is getting bigger with a selection of items destined to hunters or fans of outdoor activities…

Observation equipment

We have chosen a selection of observation equipment that are powerful, efficicent and handy.

Night vision equipment

When it comes to security, it is essential to prevent hostile attacks. That’s why important means must be deployed to monitor sensitive sites.



For medical professionals who have to rescue and treat patients in the best conditions possible when they’re in the field, it is essential to count on quality medical equipment.

Injury simulation

We provide a range of equipment that are both realistic and efficient to perform your medical training sessions. With our references, you will be able to face any situation. PC EQUIPMENT offers a complete line of injury simulation kits: from simulation blood packages to devices that imitate wounds.

Litters and evacuation systems

A rapid casualty extraction is essential for combat casualty care.


Bandages are a vital element for tactical combat casualty care. We have selected high quality products that are easy to apply.


It is vital to stop a bleeding as soon as possible with a compression point or by covering the wound. That’s why placing a tourniquet is a simple, quick and efficient solution. With our tourniquets, field medics will be able to stop a bleeding, evacuate the patient from his surroundings and place him in survival […]

Medical instruments

We offer a line of medical instruments. These range from surgical instruments to simple tools used to clean wounds. Our products are reliable, resistant and packaged efficiently.

Ice sheets

The intense practice of sports in warm weather can have dangerous consequences for your health. Indeed, an athlete or someone who is physically active can suffer from hyperthermia (more commonly referred to as heatstroke).