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As a business partner you’ll enjoy great visibility and representation on markets that are difficult to access. Thanks to the professional network developped by our company’s president, Patrick Carlet – who spent more than 20 years with the Navy Commando of Lorient, PC Equipment is now a major player in key areas like defense, military security or maritime safety.

PC Equipment selects the best brands in order to provide high quality equipment responding to the very restrictive requirements designed by elite corps.

If you want to become a partner, please contact us !

Logo_Argon_web   World leaders in CBRN / HAZMAT training system.
Argon has been at the forefront of CBRN and hazardous material simulator design and manufacture for more than 25 years. Privately held and based in the United Kingdom, Argon’s substantial intellectual property portfolio has enabled it to develop world class simulation systems that have transformed CBRN and HazMat training for customers.
> Discover our Argon products

IAI LogoIntelligent Automation Inc.
IAI provides solutions to several federal agencies and important companies in the US. IAI excels in its ability to innovate, and in developing products compliant with their clients’ needs. Indeed, this company has created an intrusion detection system: the Argus. > Discover the Argus

GO H&HSaving lives: a priority
For more than 30 years, H&H has been creating innovative medical solutions at an advantageous cost. H&H’s bandages and tourniquets are used in different areas: army, police, civilian… > Discover our H&H products


Interspiro For more than 90 years INTERSPIRO has been innovating in the area of respiratory protection designed for non breathing environments. We develop, manufacture and sell breathing systems and their accessories for professional divers. > Discover our Interspiro products

logo_inert_products  A key player in the manufacture of IED and EOD training kits.
This American company supplies law enforcement, homeland security and American ministry of defense with inert products. Whether the threat is foreign or interior, INERT PRODUCTS LLC manufactures equipment compliant with current problematics. > Discover Inert Products LLC

InmarsatINMARSAT makes sure that you’re never out of reach
Inmarsat makes sure that you can always be reached. It was created in 1979 by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) to allow ships to stay in constant contact with the shore or call for help in case of emergency, no matter where they are at sea. Nowadays Inmarsat covers many areas: commercial, military, governmental… > Discover our Inmarsat products

WebBio energy generators
K-TOR designs and manufactures portable generators working human bio energy. The enrgy obtained is clean, reliable and easy to access in case of emergency. > Discover our K-TOR products


MatbockThe specialist of warriors
Our partner Matbock is specialized in the manufacture of military equipment erasing the flaws of competive products. Matbock’s team is made of former soldiers who use their own tactical experience to develop a line of lighter products, thus making operators more efficient. > Discover our Matbock products

VLR-MilitaryLogoEmergency evacuation and transport systems
Created in 2004 Medsled focuses on conceiving and making tactical litters. The products are made and assembled in the USA. Medsled has many clients, among which: US army (Marines, Navy, air force), coast guards, police, firemen > Discover our Medsled products

TSG ASSOCIATES LOGO  A leader in triage and mass casualty treatment
Colin Smart, one of the founders of the company was a military medic in the 1980’s. During his military career, he realized that it was important to create an intuitive and practical system to manage incidents. That’s how the XTract 2 litter , one of the brand’s key products. > Discover our TSG Associates products


Save tourniquet  Understanding the human body to advance science
Save Tourniquet is part of the Human Factor Design group. Their purpose is to better understand the human body in order to create advanced medical solutions. Their key product, the Save tourniquet is used by many units in the USA. > Discover our Save Tourniquet products

morphixlogohiresSimple and easy detection kits
This American company designs, developps and manufactures colorimetrics detection systems that are easy to use. They are key players in the area of chemical detection products as well as explosive detectors. > Discover our Morphix Technologies products

Thuraya Innovative and reliable technologies
Thuraya is a leader in the market of satellite communications to reach the ultimate goal: facilitate communications where it matters the most. The company enjoys a strong presence all over the globe and in a wide array of sectors: marine, media, energy, several goverments and many NGO. La société bénéficie d’une forte présence partout dans le monde et dans une large variété de secteurs: marine, média, énergie, différents gouvernements et plusieurs ONG. > Discover our Thuraya products

Print Simplify tactical medicine
Their primary goal is to decrease pre-hospital mortality.  All their products are based on extensive clinical studies. Combat Medical is keen on giving the best, whether it is customer service or product quality. > Discover our Combat Medical products

DD-Hammocks-high-res-logoDD HAMMOCKS, the outdoor specialist
Based in the United Kingdom, DD HAMMOCK is a company that offers a large range of outdoor products such as hammocks and tarps. Besides the civilian market thay also supply armed forces. > Discover our DD HAMMOCKS products

rats tourniquetExpect the worst, take the best
The company was created by a US army veteran who has seen enough on the battlefront to create a quick and efficient tourniquet system. RATS products are designed for single-handed use, even in stress conditions and are made with the best materials.  > Discover our RATS Tourniquet

EMERGENCYPRODUCTSANDRESEARCHSetting new industry standards
All the products are tested in real life situations to guarantee their performances. Thanks to its association with WaterCrest Industries, our partner benefits from its staff’s experience. This staff is made of former fire fighters, paramedics and EMTs. > Discover our Emergency Products Research

Logo pervivo labsSimple solutions for complex problems
Created by a US army veteran, Pervivo Labs provides simple solutions to healthcare problems. PVL’s activities include the manufacture of portable human temperature management solutions. > Discover our Pervivo Labs products